Anivac Reason for Being

The idea behind our bathing system came from our founder Dave Hachey’s Newfoundlander dog named Sarah and the fact that she suffered from a very itchy skin disease that needed the application of expensive medicated shampoos on a weekly basis. Given the thickness of her fur this meant that a full bottle of expensive shampoo was needed for each bath, and the work involved took a couple of hours every week! On top of that she took a couple of days to dry and always smelled just horrible. We ended up having to keep her shaved (the poor thing looked like a cow!) which wasn’t a good long term solution.

So one day Dave was using an upholstery wand attached to a carpet cleaner, Sarah was right there, so Dave used the wand on her to see what it would do. When doing this Dave could see that the water was barely penetrating her coat, so Dave thought “Hey, what if this wand had spray nozzles that were like a comb so they could go down into the coat and sit on her skin? Dave made up one using basketball inflator needles (really!), and when Dave and his wife Sandra tried it on Sarah they were stunned at the amount of dirt that came out! The most amazing part was that her skin problems simply went away. We came to realize that it was all the dead skin, dirt and rotting oils that were on her skin that was causing all the problems! That was when ANIVAC was born 😊

Ogena Philosophy

At the forefront of innovation, our company stands tall as the visionary pioneers who birthed and patented the ground breaking technology that powers the extraordinary and highly successful Bissell Bark Bath DualUse.

As the original architects of this canine care revolution, we intricately crafted a solution that marries technological brilliance with unparalleled convenience, bringing to life a product that has captured the hearts of dog owners worldwide. The Bissell Bark Bath, born from our inventive spirit, is an embodiment of our relentless pursuit of excellence and the tireless effort we invested to create a bond between humans and their four-legged friends that transcends the ordinary.

Our unwavering commitment to our furry friends drove us to revolutionize the dog bathing landscape. Through our pioneering technology, we shattered the limitations of traditional bathing methods, liberating dog owners from the daunting task of wrestling with hoses, tubs, and stressful bath times. With a mere flick of a switch, our visionary creation unleashes a gentle and efficient washing experience, enveloping our dogs in comfort and care, while saving precious time and conserving water resources.

  • We make it easy

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What If Something Breaks?

Ogena Solutions warrants that the Anivac 3.5 unit is free from defects in materials and workmanship for one year from shipment to the original end user who purchases it.  Warranty claims and replacement parts and tools can be made/purchased by calling 1-855-900-8822 ext 228 or  

What If I Don't Like The Way It Works?

We provide a 30 day money back guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied you can call us at 1-855-900-8822 ext 228 to make the necessary arrangements.  It is the purchaser’s responsibility to package the unit safely to prevent it from being damaged during transport.  It is also the purchaser’s responsibility to arrange the shipping and pay for the cost of the shipping to return the unit.

Can I Use It To Clean Other Animals? Equipment?

ABSOLUTELY!!! The Anivac 3.5 can be used to clean a variety of animals/pets from horses to dogs to cattle.  The versatile wands and floor tool allow the cleaning of items such as upholstery, boots, chairs, car seats, boot trays and floors.

What If My Horse Has A Skin Condition ?

  • Our patented wash nozzles penetrate the hair and rest against the skin where they wash the skin first (where most of the dirt is). This skin up cleaning helps ensure you get all the dirt out of your animal's coat.
  • Traditional means of cleaning an animal is done by vigorously shampooing from the top to get at the dirt resting on the skin. In fact, most of the dirt is resting on the skin, so why are we trying to get at it by cleaning from the top down? Cleans from the skin up - custom bathing wands with adjustable Hydro Jet nozzles quickly and effectively cleans even the thickest coat by flushing fresh shampoo solution directly onto the skin dislodging dirt.

Can I Use This In The Winter ?

  • In addition to the highly effective cleaning benefits of our systems, the vacuuming action pulls the majority of the water from the coat, thus leaving the animal only damp to the touch. This substantially speeds up drying times and leaves the work area virtually dry,,, and the groom stays dry!! The fast drying also means you can safely bathe your horse in the winter using only common sense precautions.
  • Due to the small amount of water used and the immediate removal of the majority of it from the animal coat, with only common sense precautions you can drastically extend your bathing season

Does The Sound Scare The Other Horses?

Can The Anivac Be Used For Other Purposes Other Than Bathing my Horse ?

YES Absolutely, The Anivac Can Also Be Used To Bathe Your Other Pets And Animals, It Is Also Great For Cleaning Your Gear, Boots, And Even Your Carpets And Upholstery.