Why Use The Anivac?

The Benefits of the Anivac Horse Bathing System are endless. Our technology is a completely different way of looking at the issue of dirt on an animal, and how to get that dirt out. Compared to traditional bathing practices our systems provide:

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Dramatically Better, Skin Deep Cleaning

  • Our patented wash nozzles penetrate the hair and rest against the skin where they wash the skin first (where most of the dirt is). This skin up cleaning helps ensure you get all the dirt out of your animal's coat.
  • Traditional means of cleaning an animal is done by vigorously shampooing from the top to get at the dirt resting on the skin. In fact, most of the dirt is resting on the skin, so why are we trying to get at it by cleaning from the top down? Cleans from the skin up - custom bathing wands with adjustable Hydro Jet nozzles quickly and effectively cleans even the thickest coat by flushing fresh shampoo solution directly onto the skin dislodging dirt,

2-3 Times Faster

  • The adjustable suction speeds up drying and reduces water usage by over 90%
  • Adjustable suction allows for gentle but rapid removal of the dirty shampoo solution leaving the coat just damp to the touch, substantially speeding up drying time and preventing excessively wet wash areas and groomers


For both the animal (to which the process is much akin to a back rub), and the groom (who stays virtually dry), our system turns a much maligned task into a much more enjoyable one.

90% Reduction In Water Use!

  • With a 90% reduction in water usage and decreased impact on septic systems, ANIVAC is a superior option to traditional bathing and lessens the impact on the environment.
  • by Drastically Reducing Water Consumption - An average sized animal can be cleaned with approximately two gallons of water. Compare this to running a hose that puts out on average 5 gallons of water a minute and you'll realize how much water you'll save. Saving about 90% on water usage not only reduces mess but greatly lessens the load on well and septic systems

Virtually Mess Free

Since our tool immediately removes the majority of the water before it has a chance to fall away from the animal the process is virtually mess free, and the groom remains dry!


Two of our models are completely portable, making it easy for you to take one to shows or other events. Having one of these means no more waiting for wash stalls or standing in mud!

Healthier Skin And Coat - Cleans With The Power Of Pure OxygenRShampoo

  • The massaging action of our process not only flushes the dirt off of the horse's skin, but also massages the hair follicles and stimulates the release of the fresh oils that protect the hair. Once these oils come out there will no longer be dirt blocking the path so that they can travel the length of the hair and improve the protection, shine and finish of the coat.
  • Dirt on your animal's skin is the breeding ground for many skin problems on animals, such as fungal infections and rain rot. Being able to keep your animals coat clean year round, right down to its skin, will help to prevent these bacterial and fungal issues from taking hold.

Quick Drying Allows For Winter Bathing

  • In addition to the highly effective cleaning benefits of our systems, the vacuuming action pulls the majority of the water from the coat, thus leaving the animal only damp to the touch. This substantially speeds up drying times and leaves the work area virtually dry,,, and the groom stays dry!! The fast drying also means you can safely bathe your horse in the winter using only common sense precautions.
  • Due to the small amount of water used and the immediate removal of the majority of it from the animal coat, with only common sense precautions you can drastically extend your bathing season

Improved Winter Protection From Cold

A animal's hair insulates by trapping air between the shafts of the hair. The more dirt that is in the animal's coat the less air the coat can trap which can reduce the insulating value of the animal's coat. Keeping your animal coat clean year round helps keep your friend warm and cozy.

Easy Spot Cleaning And Complete Removal Of Manure Stains

Finally, an answer to the removal of stains from light colored animals! Our system can easily and quickly remove fresh stains from the coats of light colored animals. Having one of our systems on hand makes it easy to simply reach for a wand when you see that ugly stain.

Dual Use

Use it around the farm to clean Tack, Boots, Vehicle Carpet and Upholstery, mats, furniture, window screens, just about anything!